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Warehouse Sweeping & Scrubbing

Maintaining a clean, efficient warehouse begins from the floor up. A regular floor sweeping and scrubbing schedule in your warehouse can improve air quality and help keep inventory clean.

Aardvark Memphis maintains a large fleet of floor sweepers and scrubbers that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our fleet is exceptionally well maintained, and we have spare sweeping and scrubbing machines available at our facility. Aardvark Memphis’ commitment to excellence brings you state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment combined with a highly trained staff armed with cutting-edge technology. 

Our commitment to you: We will get the job done right the first time!

Floor scrubbing done correctly can remove dust, dirt, grime, oil, and other floor contaminants to create a safer, healthier, and cleaner work environment for your employees and customers. Dirt can cause equipment to malfunction and cover your inventory in dust. A dirty warehouse creates an environment that can lead to accidents and decreased employee productivity.

People working in a clean environment are far more likely to work at keeping it clean.

Our client companies rely on Aardvark Memphis certified scrubber operators to provide sweeping and scrubbing through an ongoing, scheduled maintenance agreement or one time clean up.

Our Specialized Equipment and Service Speaks for Itself!

Our expertly trained operators and highly specialized equipment make us the best in our industry. We use environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution and have walk-behind and riding scrubber sweepers allowing access to all points in your warehouse.

Our specialized equipment can scrub the floor surface with up to three brushes, each of which can exert over 500 lbs. of force. These scrubber units also include a cylindrical main broom, vacuum system, and trailing edge squeegees. These functions can be operated independently or simultaneously allowing us to adapt to any cleaning situation.

SQp – is our secret ingredient for success

What truly sets Aardvark apart from other warehouse sweeping companies are the values we communicate to our employees and the importance we place on preparing them for every job. Each employee at Aardvark Memphis is trained with a specific set of core principles including SQp.

Safety, Quality and productivity.

There’s an important reason the “P” is lower case. Although productivity is important to us, we will never put it before safety and quality in doing a job.

Our property maintenance company has been serving greater Memphis, Tennessee and Northern Mississippi since we opened in 1996. Aardvark Memphis Sweeping Company has grown to become the leading power sweeping and property maintenance in our region. In addition to interior floor sweeping services, we can provide you with power sweeping of parking areas and other hard surfaces.

Call today for a complementary site visit and to see how our hard work effort can help keep your property always looking its best!

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Parking Area or Scrub a Parking Deck?

We work closely with building supervisors and facility managers to provide scheduled, regular sweeping of parking garages, but we also understand that unexpected situations can occur. Whether there is an accident or unexpected spill, we’re available to help.