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Pressure Washing Service

Keeping up with cleaning and removing gum, dirt, road salt — all things you’ll find on the ground in your parking facility — can be challenging or even impossible without the correct equipment. That kind of mess, left unattended and uncared for, negatively affects the appearance of your property.

Aardvark Memphis provides power pressure washing service as part of our comprehensive property maintenance for parking lots and garages, retail common areas, and sidewalks in and around Memphis, TN.

Even worse than the negative impact outside your building, dirt and sediment also get tracked into the retail stores or offices attached to your parking area. These contaminants cause wear and tear to your tenants’ spaces and common areas.

You can get a pressure washing quote to have the Aardvark Memphis professional cleaning crew pressure steam clean the areas around your building that get the most foot traffic.

Customized Pressure Washing Service

We offer customized plans to fit the needs of your unique shopping area, office complex or commercial parking garage. Our crews can clean concrete, brick, metal overhangs and awnings at commercial, retail or industrial properties.

What makes Aardvark Special?


Customers know that Aardvark Memphis employees show up in company identifying vehicles and uniforms. Our employees have been drug tested and verified as I-9 compliant. Pressure cleaning crews at Aardvark are detail oriented and genuinely care about the look that you project. They are also trained to consider the environmental impact of regular pressure washing.


Our crew brings in powerful pressure cleaning equipment to handle the tough cleanups quickly and efficiently. Self-contained hot water tanks can deliver up to 3000 psi allowing us to remove the toughest dirt & grease. Pressure washing leaves behind inviting, freshly cleaned pavement.

The “Aardvark Eyes” Customer Service Program: If our cleaning crew sees something on your property that could be a potential safety or maintenance issue, we don’t waste time!  A team member takes a digital picture and we send you a courtesy email from Eyes@aardvarkmemphis.com. Emailing photos of your property can help you get any potential issue addressed as quickly as possible. Whether you’re looking to clean sidewalks, awnings, parking garage floors, dumpster pads, exterior walls, or equipment, we bring the right equipment and have years of expertise to get the job done right the first time.

Maintaining a clean, well-tended building exterior is one of the top priorities for your facility to make a positive first impression. From trash container cleaning to parking garage sweeping and warehouse scrubbing, you can rely on Aardvark Memphis to professionally clean and help maintain your building entry points and parking areas. 

Let us put together a no-cost, no obligation plan that will fit the needs of your unique shopping area or commercial parking area.

Outsourcing your pressure washing and exterior site maintenance to Aardvark can help keeps you on-budget while your parking areas, and surrounding entry points remain gum, stain and graffiti-free and looking sharp! Click here to get a prompt quote on pressure washing.

Emergency Requirement to Pressure Wash?

Whether there has been an accident, overnight graffiti or unexpected spill, Aardvark Memphis’ on-call availability - 24/7/365 – can provide a flexible cleaning solution to meet your specific needs.

Call us or submit a request to learn more about our comprehensive maintenance services!