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Parking Garage Sweeping

Your parking garage and exterior common spaces including sidewalks are among the first areas customers and employees see each day. Let the environmental specialists at Aardvark Memphis help you make a great first impression by getting the right services to keep your parking area clean and safe.

Let us show you the aardvark difference!

Not all companies that offer parking garage sweeping and scrubbing services in and around Memphis TN provide the same level of conscientious service.

We consistently win praise from property managers and owners for showing up with the right:

  • Equipment – sized appropriately to the job
  • Uniformed operators
  • Training and best practices for environmental compliance
  • Modern systems & technology including GPS tracking to document our work

Aardvark’s leadership team and entire company culture emphasizes doing what we say. This starts with:

  • Providing a clear (on time) proposal
  • Showing up on schedule
  • Performing a conscientious cleaning service every time

Maintaining a clean, well-tended parking garage is one of the top priorities for your facility to make a positive first impression. In today’s competitive business climate, a dirt-free environment is essential to attract quality retail tenants and their customers.

Dirt, debris, and litter accumulates every day from constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic moving through your parking garage. That kind of mess, left unattended and uncared for, negatively affects the appearance of your property. But the dirt and sand also get tracked into the retail stores or offices attached to your parking facility. These sediments cause wear and tear not just to your parking garage, but also to your tenants’ spaces and common areas.

Aardvark keeps you on-budget

Having a consistent, professional sweeping maintenance program improves your image, and will extend the life-span of your parking garage and exterior areas, ultimately saving you time and money.

We offer customized plans with proven results to clean your unique shopping area or commercial parking garage. We have trained, experienced employees who are detail oriented and care about the look that you project as well as the environmental impact of regular sweeping.

Call Aardvark Memphis or submit a request to learn more about our Parking Garage Sweeping services!

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Parking Area or Scrub a Parking Deck?

We work closely with building supervisors and facility managers to provide scheduled, regular sweeping of parking garages, but we also understand that unexpected situations can occur. Whether there is an accident or unexpected spill, we’re available to help.