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Parking Lot Sweeping

Aardvark Memphis is focused on providing comprehensive parking lot sweeping services throughout the Memphis, Tennessee metro region.

Maintaining your property’s visual appeal to customers and potential tenants is as important as ever. It is no longer just a good idea to have clean parking lots – it is essential to staying competitive and, in many cases, environmentally compliant. A clean business exterior is essential to attract quality retail tenants and their customers.

Outsourcing your parking sweeping and site maintenance to Aardvark Memphis keeps your parking lot and building entry areas trash-free and looking sharp!

Because property managers and facility owners deal with tight maintenance budgets, Aardvark Memphis wants you to know exactly what to expect from our parking lot sweeping and maintenance services. Our Apples-to-Apples comparison chart (printable PDF) makes it easy for you to see all our capabilities and allows you to evaluate our capabilities against the service you receive now.  Ready for a quote – click here.

How do we differentiate ourselves?


Our unique focus on technology within the parking lot sweeping industry delivers demonstrably superior cleaning. The technology and tools used by Aardvark Memphis also allow our customers to see the dramatic difference.

GPS tracking and route verification give you a time-stamped, accurate, birds-eye view of the work performed on your property. No more guessing if the sweeper made a pass last night.

Our “Aardvark Eyes” Customer Service Program has digital cameras in every vehicle. If our team sees something on your property that could be a potential safety or maintenance issue, we don’t waste time!  A team member takes a picture and we send you a courtesy email from Eyes@aardvarkmemphis.com. Emailing photos of your property can help you get any potential issue addressed as quickly as possible.


At a very basic – but important – level, knowing who is working on your property gives Aardvark’s customers additional confidence in our work. All our employees show up on your property wearing a company-identifying uniform. Aardvark employees are drug tested and have been verified as I-9 compliant. We screen our parking lot sweeper drivers using Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) to get a report of driving history for safety.

Creating a Defensive “Clean Zone” at your Facility

Dirt, debris, and litter accumulate every day around your building from constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic. These sediments cause wear and tear on parking lots, parking garage decks, common exterior areas and sidewalks. That accumulation negatively affecting the appearance of your property both outside and inside the building. Our consistent sweeping service guarantee: Aardvark Memphis will improve your image, extend the life span of your parking lots and exterior areas, saving you time and money. Our video “Creating a Clean Zone” explains in detail.

Regular parking lot sweeping is also important for the environment. One of the primary reasons for removing waste from parking lots is helping to control contamination from storm water run-off. Run-off from paved areas occurs during rainfall when debris and contaminates on parking lots and roadways make their way into rivers and lakes. Aardvark Memphis has deep knowledge about stormwater run-off associated with retail parking areas. We can help keep your retail center to be environmentally compliant with local regulations. Click here to have an environmental maintenance professional contact you.

Customized Parking Sweeping Plans

Our trained, experienced employees are detail oriented and care about the look that you project as well as the environmental impact of regular sweeping and day porter service to professionally clean and help maintain your building exterior, service access roads and parking area.  

Let us put together a no-cost, no obligation program plan that will fit the needs of your unique shopping area or commercial parking area.

We will provide:

  • A detailed and tailored initial cost survey and proposal covering the scope of service
  • Equipment that matches capabilities to your sweeping requirements and debris levels
  • Reliable response to your sweeping service request
  • Elimination of capital outlays for equipment purchase and maintenance
  • A cleaner, safer, and environmentally compliant parking area at lower sweeping costs
  • Accurate, computer generated billing clearly indicating the service date(s) and location which corresponds to the service ticket provided by the operator
  • Qualified operators to provide total parking area clean-up sweeping

Call us or send in a request to learn more about our Parking Lot Sweeping services!

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Parking Area?

Work closely with building supervisors and facility managers we provide scheduled, regular sweeping.
We also understand that unexpected situations can occur.

Whether you have an accident or unexpected environmental agency inspection, Aardvark’s on-call availability - 24/7/365 – can take care of you with a flexible sweeping solution to meet your specific needs.