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Private Street Sweeping

We know the image of your community is important. Clean streets and curb lines give residents and visiting guests a great first impression.  Cleaning the streets and road surfaces is also an important part of ongoing maintenance to keep drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians safe.

We Sweep Access Roads and Streets for:

  • Retail Shopping Lifestyle Centers
  • Homeowner Associations (HOAs)
  • Private Residential Communities
  • Commercial Condominiums
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Government Complexes
  • Apartment Building Complexes
  • City Parks

We own and operate the largest and most diverse fleet of sweepers in the mid-south. Our fleet is exceptionally well maintained, and we have spare sweeping vehicles available at our facility. Aardvark Memphis’ commitment to excellence brings you state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment combined with a highly trained staff armed with cutting-edge technology. 

  • Schwarze & Tymco Sweepers
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) in all sweepers
  • Digital Cameras/Eyes in all vehicles
  • All sweepers are clearly identified with Aardvark logo & unit number

Aardvark Memphis provides a complete range of exterior maintenance services for your Homeowners’ Association or community.  In addition to street sweeping services, we can provide you with power sweeping of parking areas and other hard surfaces, as well as storm drain catch basin cleaning services.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly regularly scheduled sweeping service contracts are available. We can also be available on-call for emergency situations.

SQp – is our secret ingredient for success

What truly sets Aardvark apart from the rest are the values we communicate to our employees and the importance we place on preparing them for every job. Each employee at aardvark is trained with a specific set of core principles the first is SQp.

Safety, Quality and productivity. There’s an important reason the “p” is lower case. Although productivity is important to us, we will never put it before safety and quality in doing a job.

If our team comes across something on your property that could be a potential issue, we don’t waste time! We have digital cameras in every vehicle which allows us to email photos of your property to you so we can get any potential issue repaired.

Our property maintenance company has been serving greater Memphis, Tennessee and Northern Mississippi since we opened in 1996. Aardvark Memphis Sweeping Company has grown to become the leading power sweeping and property maintenance in our region. Call today for a complementary site visit and to see how our hard work effort can help keep your property always looking its best!

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Parking Area or Scrub a Parking Deck?

We work closely with building supervisors and facility managers to provide scheduled, regular sweeping of parking garages, but we also understand that unexpected situations can occur. Whether there is an accident or unexpected spill, we’re available to help.